AED 4.3 billion in credit for mining sector in 2020

The quarrying and mining activities in the UAE received AED4.3 billion in credit facilities in 2020, bringing to AED14.94 billion the cumulative balance of loans obtained by the industry by the end of December last year, statistics by the Central Bank of the UAE show. 

AED4.3 billion in credit for mining sector in 2020

The mining industry has for centuries been a driving force behind economic growth, a principle the validity of which extends to the UAE, although the region's economy is mostly dependent on the hydrocarbon industry. This is translated by the increased credit facilities provided to this highly profitable contributor to the country's GDP.

According to the CBUAE's figures, the cumulative balance of loans provided to the mining activities rose to AED11.8 billion in Q1-2020, before steadying at AED11.44 billion in Q2. In Q3, they rebounded to AED12.72 billion before surging to AED14.94 billion by December end.
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